Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hauteness: Chanel Paris-Moscow bag

This is insane on so many levels. Check out this fabulous bag from the house of Chanel's Fall '09 Paris-Moscow collection ($2,795 only available by special order). I love the intregration of the Moscow skyline into the lambskin. Also, the twisted logo hardware is to die! Absolute hauteness!


Renee said...

LOVE IT.. the leather looks like butter! 3 g's thats it!? so0 reasonable! " just throw it in the bag"

TheDoll said...

Reasonable? Perhaps, in due time. :-)

Renee said...

lol yes in due time. I say that every time something is expensive, i was shoping and i overheard a wowman say that. I thought it was the funniest thing ive ever heard so i've been mocking her ever since. 10million for a t-shirt?! sooooo reasonable!