Monday, January 3, 2011

Louis Vuitton Acapulco Sneakers

For 2011, NoirLace will be implementing a new section for the hot/stylish guy in your life. The new Acapulco sneaker by Louis Vuitton is definitely a hot addition for 'Your Boyfriend's Closet' (I soooo love that post title, lol!). The Acapulco is apart of L.V.'s spring/summer 2011 collection. In addition to the sleek design, the perforated-detail adds a ton of swag. No word on pricing yet, but I'll keep definitely keep you guys posted. Love 'em!


Ruku Taneja said...

This such a fabulous new addition to blog about. I am really looking forward to these shoes, thanks to you =D Great blog!
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TheDoll said...

Love you blog too!